Kurt Cobain sunglasses inspired

Kurt Cobain Sunglasses. The legend wore the sunglasses back in the Nirvana day. The Migos rappers were spotted with these sunglasses too. This will be the trend of the summer 2017. Make sure to give them a look. Our vintage sunglasses come in stylish frames for both men and women, representing the big trends of the 90’s that are now becoming more popular than ever before. If you want the glasses to mimic Kurt Cobain‘s famous white shades, or Migos’s white sunglasses, make sure to give them a look. This is becoming a real fashion item, a lot of influencers have picked up this trend. And how cool, they are even called Kurt Cobain sunglasses.


Migos and Kurt Cobain sunglasses

These glasses became popular because of Kurt Cobain, however Migos is brings it back. The rapper group were sunglasses all the time and we spotted the rappers with these glasses. We from Brandless Amsterdam know that this wil become the trend of 2017. The glasses comes in white, black and red. They are clean and easy to wear. So we thought, bring it to the people! Check out the new shades. The good this of this fashion item is that you can easily mix it up with a lot of differents styles. If you like streetwear or just want to rock a flair piped jeans, it’s all possible. We don’t know if they are friends or not, but they sure know both how to rock these Kurt Cobain sunglasses.

White Kurt Cobain glasses

Even the famous rapper drake wore the simular sunglasses during a party. Rocking specs similar to ones populair like sunglasses from Kurt Cobain, Drizzy wears a pair of white sunglasses. Are these Kurt Cobain glasses the future? Maybe rapper Future can tell us. This is the next best thing you should keep in your wardrobe. Brandless Amsterdam thinks this one will be a good one for the summer. And so dus our friend KC. For men and women. Be Yourself, Be Brandless with these Kurt Cobain sunglasses.

sunglasses Kurt Cobain